We are passionate about your satisfaction.

Full mouth reconstruction, cosmetic design, and mini-dental implants are all about making positive and healthy life changes for you. It’s why we love what we do. It’s our opportunity to provide quality dental services that go beyond the basics. You are our inspiration.

There aren’t many aspects of dentistry that a patient truly looks forward too. When you can give a person a beautiful smile through small changes or full mouth makeovers you can really change their lives. That is so rewarding to me.

Josh Dolin, DDS

Meet Josh Dolin, DDS

Believe it or not, dentists are people too. I understand the fears some people have when going to the dentist. Because of this, my goal is to provide great dentistry, personable service, and compassionate care. Josh understands that a dental visit is something that can cause a certain amount of anxiety in most people. Because of this, he believes in providing both quality dentistry, and a warm, friendly atmosphere. His goal is to provide the best possible treatment for each patient while ensuring flexibility to customize that treatment to match each individual’s wants and needs. When is comes to cosmetic dentistry, mini-dental implants, and full-mouth reconstruction Josh is perfectly suited.


  • Education
    • West Virginia University School of Dentistry Graduate
    • Advanced courses focusing on full mouth reconstruction, cosmetic design, and implant placement and restoration
  • Special Training
    • Hands on courses for mini-implant placement
  • Experience
    • 12 years with cosmetic work
    • 8 years with mini-dental implants
  • Affiliation
Dr. Josh Dolin, DDS - Portrait


Improve your health.
Boost your confidence. Change your life.

I’ve placed over 1,000 implants, 3,000 crowns and veneers, and performed dozens of cosmetic makeovers and full mouth reconstructions. You can be confident that the end result will meet your expectations.

Josh Dolin, DDS

Whether you are unable to enjoy food due to pain, unhappy with the looks of your smile, or need to replace missing teeth, we can help. For many years Dr. Dolin has been recognized for quality cosmetic and reconstructive dental services throughout West Virginia and the surrounding areas. Don’t settle for a subpar smile, come see Josh and take control of your dental health.

Full-mouth reconstruction

We provide you with choices and hope.

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People who have healthy teeth can take for granted their ability to eat, speak, and smile with a mouth that doesn’t have constant pain and discomfort. Full-mouth makeovers provide the means to take away the discomfort and give you back those things that others take for granted.


What is the overall benefit?

To live pain and infection free and eat more effectively. To enjoy your meals, to be confident to smile, to be free of infection, pain, and discomfort.

What options do I have?

You do have choices. We provide a treatment plan outlining the corrective measures to improve your oral health and enable you to live a fuller life.

What is your approach?

To provide comprehensive care that is functional and effective both now and in the long term with proper care and maintenance.

What is the cost?

This truly depends on the extent of treatment needed. We conduct a free oral health assessment to determine what measure can and should be taken. Once that has been defined, we pinpoint the costs and work with you to administer treatment as cost effectively as possible.

Do you really think it can help me?

Generally speaking, most people who need full mouth reconstruction have a history of oral problems and pain and they may even have a fear of the dentist. In their mind, there is nothing that can be done to truly correct their oral health. That’s not the case. We know we can help you.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Feel good and look even better.

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You don’t have to live with uneven, stained, misaligned, discolored, or broken down teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can reverse the cards you were dealt and stack the odds in your favor. We can give you a reason to smile.


What cosmetic services do you provide?

  • Porcelain Veneers
    Porcelain Veneers are thin, custom-made laminates crafted of tooth-colored materials by master porcelain technicians. They are designed to cover the front side of teeth only to minimize tooth removal and be as conservative as possible. They are strong and when created properly, virtually impossible to distinguish from actual teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening Treatments
    We offer in-office and take-home treatments to dramatically enhance the impact of your smile. We provide several choices so that you have options. If you want a vibrant white smile this is for you.
  • MTM Clear Aligners
    Through a series of clear acrylic aligners we can reposition your front teeth. This minimalistic orthodontic procedure is much less noticeable than wires and brackets and can be used for minor alignment issues at a fraction of the cost of full braces.

What is the overall benefit of cosmetic dentistry?

To improve a person’s quality of life by enhancing the appearance of their teeth. When you smile more you simply feel better.

What is your approach?

Assessment, treatment plan, and facilitation. We determine the most conservative and effective options customized for each individual that best meets their wants and needs for a beautiful smile. At that point, we implement our time tested protocol for developing your new look.

Are my fears justified?

Most people are fearful that the end result won’t meet their expectations. Sometimes they have friends or know someone with a cosmetic case performed at substandard levels and think that this may be the way all cosmetic cases turn out. That’s not the case with us. We have successfully performed numerous of cosmetic cases.

Mini Dental Implants

Minimally invasive. Extremely impactful.

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Mini dental implants are small, but can have a huge impact on your daily quality of life. Whether you are looking to improve the look of your smile, better secure dentures, replace missing teeth, or simply be able to eat the foods you truly want, mini dental implants are the answer.


What are mini dental implants?

Mini dental implants are similar to traditional larger implants, in that they provide an effective way to replace missing teeth. Once the implants are placed, crowns can then be cemented over them, or they can be used to stabilize loose fitting dentures.

How long does the process take?

Conventional implants require surgical placement, it usually requires 6-12 months of integration and healing while mini dental implants are far less invasive. Healing is quick and the implant can be restored immediately. In most cases you will be able to walk out of our office with an implant and crown in less than a month, or a stabilized denture in a single short visit. Less invasive means less healing time and less discomfort.

What are the overall benefits of mini dental implants vs. conventional implants?

Less invasive in less time and with less expense! Unlike conventional implants, mini dental implants are small and do not require major surgery for placement. Mini dental implants can even be used when there is less bone present, without requiring a bone graft like conventional implants. Sinus lifts are rarely a required procedure when using mini dental implants like they are for conventional implants.

How Does the Process Work?

  1. Free Consultation

    Generally, the first visit is a consultation to gather information from the patient and discuss their wants and needs.

  2. Treatment Plan

    From there we evaluate the case carefully with an examination and X-rays if necessary. Combining the information the patient has provided as to what they would like to correct with what we determine is needed, we provide all available options to correct the issues at hand. We go over pros and cons of each option as well as time frame and costs involved.

  3. Get Started

    Once the patient has selected the choice that best suits their interests, we finalize a treatment plan and put the plan into action.

Case Studies

More than just patients.
These results created a positive impact.

Laura Snyder - Portrait

Laura Snyder

“I have not had a problem with any of my dental work from Dr. Dolin and I’ve never had a bad experience going to Morgantown Dental Group.”

Rachel - Portrait


“It’s an amazing feeling to not hold back when you’re around people simply because you don’t like your smile. I smile now even when I don’t have to.”

Anthony Bermea - Portrait

Anthony Bermea

“You don’t think of your teeth as anything important until you see a 100% turnaround in yourself. I never knew something like this could happen for me, but it has and it’s completely changed my life.”

Larae Angel - Portrait

Larae Angel

“Having a smile that looks completely natural is a real confidence boost. Now, it just feels a lot better to get dressed up and go out! ”

Lesa Frankenberry - Portrait

Lesa Frankenberry

“Dr. Dolin and the entire staff at Morgantown Dental Group have always been so friendly and caring. His recommendations have always been spot on. I have full confidence in his work and now in my smile!”